Happy Birthday, Blog!

We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet
For auld lang syne
(Robert Burns “Auld Lang Syne”)

I started this blog a year ago today with a half-hearted pledge to post about once a week and to keep posts to about 500 words or less.  Well, to the first pledge, I’ve been a bit inconsistent, often neglecting to post for weeks at a time.  I’ve posted a total of 43 times, so that doesn’t seem to be too far from my goal.  As to the second pledge–well, I’m pretty sure that the majority of my posts have been longer than 500 words.  Significantly longer, in fact.  But I haven’t minded.  The goals I set out to achieve may not have been reached, but I’ve enjoyed blogging.  I love writing for an audience (and for myself, too), and I love publishing it.  I even like looking at my stats and seeing how many people have viewed my blog, even when it’s just a few.  Something about this medium of expression is soul satisfying for me.  It is soothing and peaceful.

In my very first post, I wrote, “Really, it feels like tossing a bottled letter out to sea more than anything.”  That feeling has never really left me.  I feel almost like I am writing letters to an anonymous recipient, more of a correspondence to the wide world than a diary of some kind.

It’s been a good year, and here’s to another.  Thanks for reading!


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