Observations from the road

Day Two

Our second day was long.  Long and productive.  We drove through 2 1/2 states today, from Texarkana to Elizabethtown, KY.  Here are a few observations from the road:

  • Trees are really nice, for awhile.  And then you start to wonder if there’s anything behind them, or if you’re being fooled by clever set design.  Is there really anything in Arkansas or Tennessee?  I’m unsure.
  • Rivers are great, even if you’re just driving over them.
  • Memphis has a pyramid.  For a moment I thought that I had wandered into a Rick Riordan book.
  • I drove through a monsoon.  And lived to tell about it.
  • I can tell my dog “no” and stick to it, even when she gives me the most pleading look ever trying to get into my lap.
  • Kentucky is a beautiful state.  I’m so glad we’re driving through it!
  • I really love driving (over flying) because I love seeing the world.  It’s fantastic!
  • Staying in hotels is way better with a dog.

3 thoughts on “Observations from the road

  1. – I TOTALLY agree about the trees. I feel that in East Texas and when I went to Georgia.
    – I agree about rivers too. I tend to appreciate good looking bodies of water 🙂
    – I am proud of you for saying no to your dog even in that situation. I am not that good 🙂
    – I have wanted to see Kentucky for as long as I can remember. Actually, that deep heartfelt desire is because of the Thoroughbred books I borrowed from you and read as a kid 🙂 And then I married a boy who was born there… so that just stoked the flames for visiting Kentucky even more 🙂
    – I agree about driving as far as the scenery goes, why don’t people take the time to do it!? But I would have to clarify that riding is better than flying, because I hate to drive, and it would drive me nuts (lol ;))
    – I hope to have the experience to stay with my dog in a hotel one day! That is so cool you are experiencing it!

    You are awesome 🙂 I love reading your posts and getting to “join” you on your journey! 🙂

  2. I never knew Kentucky was a beautiful state–I’ll have to go there sometime. Maybe on my way to visit someone I know in Boston!

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