How my life changed forever today

Day 3 . . .

started in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and ended in Olean, New York.  That makes for a pretty long day.  I enjoyed the rest of our drive through Kentucky, and appreciated the vast farmlands of Ohio, which is the state we were in for most of our driving time.  I also enjoyed the corner of Pennsylvania that we passed through, and have really loved western New York.  Especially all of the old, beautiful dairy farms.  But not the roads, as much.

Spur’s word for the day (if, of course, she could use words) would have been Resignation.  Finally, after spending two days in the truck, she resigned herself to the experience, relaxed, and even laid down and napped a little without jumping up at every bump.  She made one last valiant effort–actually climbing into my dad’s lap–and then surrendered to the inevitability of the floorboard.

This was a blissfully uneventful day.  Until we got to the hotel and, too exhausted to leave it again, we ordered pizza.  There aren’t any familiar chains here, so I picked one that looked like it might be good (advertised as “real New York pizza”) and ordered a medium pepperoni and sausage pizza.  And then my life changed.  Pizza will never be the same again.


One thought on “How my life changed forever today

  1. Oh my goodness, that is a true statement if ever I’ve heard one. When I came up to NJ to do house-hunting, I was hungry, so we just pulled over at the first pizza place we found. It did not look like it would be good, but the pizza there would make the gods hate ambrosia. I have discovered, living here, that the only bad pizza around is found in the freezer section or at chains (and I used to love Papa John’s!). It really is like a revelation, like I didn’t know it was possible for pizza to taste this good. The Mexican food sucks, but the pizza- wow. Here’s hoping Boston pizza will be almost as good. 🙂

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