I like my whole house!

If you haven’t already watched this video, you should.  Because it’s funny.

So, we closed on the condo (which will henceforth be referred to as “apartment” or “house,”  or if I’m particularly daring, perhaps “home,” because I don’t like the word condo).  We had keys in hand early in the afternoon, grabbed a late lunch, and went to pick up the moving truck from it’s overnight parking.  We started moving stuff in at about 4:30 or so, and wrapped up at about 9:00.  And by “wrapped,” I mean that ALL of my possessions were in the apartment.  Even my recliner and monstrously large bookshelf. Here’s a few things you should know about our moving in experience:

  • Everyone in the universe moves into someplace in Boston in the first couple of days of September.  Okay, not everyone, obviously.  But a lot, because 30 universities in the area means a massive influx of people at this time of year.  When we returned our Budget truck today, the man told us that the price for a truck within the city jumps from $29 per night to $299 per night between August 25 and September 3 because of demand.
  • Moving stuff up a flight of stairs makes you begin to reconsider all of your packing decisions.  Why, you’ll ask yourself, do I need these clothes?  What do I have so many books for?  Why ever would I need a bookshelf this big?  Are couches really important?  Are chairs?  You will begin to think about abandoning some of the things you once loved just so that you don’t have to carry them up the stairs.
  • But if you persevere, eventually it will be over and you will be glad that your favorite things are with you.  And that you have clothes to wear.
  • It takes almost a day for the soreness and stiffness to really set in.  Ugh.
  • My parents are amazing.
  • My dog is amazing–she spend the majority of the move-in period lying down in the living room even though the front door was wide open (and I mean OPEN–Dad took it off it’s hinges so it would be out of our way).  She didn’t bark, whine, leave the apartment, or get underfoot the whole time.
  • I slept in my own bed last night.
  • To my unending delight, Hurricane Earl has cooperated by not coming inland and by decreasing in strength.
  • My parents are amazing.

Today we’ve been working on getting stuff put up.  Mom spent pretty much the whole day in the kitchen washing and putting away my kitchen stuff.  The cable guy came and set up my cable and internet.  We got my router set up.  Dad put together my couch and my dining room chairs.  I registered my car with my building’s management company so that it won’t get towed when I park it.  Mom and I went to the grocery store and got a few things.

And then, my favorite part of the day.  I took Spur on a nice, long walk.  She needed one badly after four days in a truck and then one more in the apartment.  One of the best things about the location of my place is the nearby reservoir with a walking path around it.  That’s where we walked today, and it was beautiful.  It was foggy and misty and quiet, and the water was lapping soothingly against the rocks, and the trees lining the path were big and gnarly.  There were lots of geese that were, inexplicably, hanging out on the path instead of in the water.  And they clearly had the right of way, remaining calmly in place as joggers ran around them.  But Spur apparently made them reconsider and they moved out of our way, though not without indignant looks and honks and hissing.  Yeah–didn’t know that geese hissed but they certainly do.  Or at least, it seems that every group had an appointed hisser.  There were also a pair of swans swimming in the water.  Spur and I both felt settled and relaxed when we got back.

Here’s hoping for more settling in tomorrow.


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