Mad People

My post today on the Children’s Book Quote of the Day blog is equally relevant here as well, so I’m linking it for any of you readers who are interested.

Mad People.

via Mad People.


2 thoughts on “Mad People

  1. So, after reading your post on the other site, I ran across this paragraph in a book I’m reading right now that I thought you might find relevant. The character is young and onery and brash and a taxi driver, and the story is set in Dublin.

    “And she hated cyclists– another sanctimonious bunch with their namby-pamby whining about doing their best for the environment so it was okay for them to navigate the roads like lunatics and it was up to taxi drivers, decent people such as herself, to be responsible for their safety. If she ruled the world, cyclists would be shot on sight.”
    – from Marian Keyes’ The Brightest Star in the Sky

    This particular character has no love for pedestrians (or buskers) either, but her feelings towards them were less-pithily described. This is just to say: you are not alone. 🙂

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