What I’ve Learned About Moving

I think that the only appropriate way to deal with moving is to think of it as an adventure, everyday.  Take in all of the new experiences with a sense of wonder and amusement, and don’t spend too much time grieving and regretting the things left behind.  Determine to have a sense of humor about everything because laughter relieves stress a lot more effectively than tears.

Moving means that your own home becomes a bit of a mystery, filled with new sounds (like radiators hissing and clanking) and the inability to find things that were unpacked and put away . . . somewhere.  Adventure!  Humor!  This is when these things come in handy.

Moving means that you have to learn a whole new way of getting around.  This is not always convenient.

Moving is easier when you take friends with you.  I’ve been unbelievably grateful for my Abilene friends who have also moved to Boston recently.  I think we’ve all been grateful for each other.  It creates a space of familiarity within all of the unfamiliar and unknown.  It’s soothing to talk about people and places we all know back home, and about the strange experiences in our new place.  And anyway, adventures are always more fun when shared.

Moving was also made easier for me by finding a church family.  I need the refuge of community and worship, of familiar traditions and rituals, of people who will pray for me and with me.  I didn’t know what kind of churches I might find in Boston before I moved, but I have been blessed beyond measure by the Brookline church.



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