Wintering Out

Yesterday was an important day in my life.  I survived SURVIVED the coldest temperatures I’ve ever been exposed to.  When I woke up, the temperature was -2 with a nasty windchill that I won’t speak of for fear it might return.  When I left my apartment, it had warmed all the way up to 4 degrees.  By the middle of the afternoon, we hit a balmy 13 degrees, and then it slid back down to single digits after the sun set.  Now, you know that a Texas girl knows just what to do when the thermometer spikes the other way but doesn’t have much opportunity to learn what to do in this situation, so I’ll understand if you’re asking yourself how in the world I made it through.  I’m going to share with you the secrets to my success.

1. Goose down.  Lots of it.

I bought this parka with a sense of urgency brought on by a mortal fear of the 11 degree high in the weather forecast.  I got a great deal on it, too.  It’s an extra-large.  I am not an extra-large, but the great thing about bulky coats is that it doesn’t really matter if it’s to big or not.  And this one is comfy and I love love love it.  I would like now to compose an ode to it, but that would take to long, so I’ll try a haiku:

White coat filled with down

You keep me warm and cozy

Wearable blanket.

If you’ve ever lived in a place where temperatures reach an unholy low, you might understand the special attachment I’ve formed with this life-saving coat.

2. Appropriate head gear. I was thankful all day for the one-two punch of my Eternal Threads hat and my coat hood.

3. Long underwear.  Jeans are simply not enough.

4. My Bear Paw boots. These are essential to my mental health these days.

5. A scarf.  I wore my lovely red that Jean Marsh knitted for me.  It’s my favorite shade of red. It looked nice with deep blue shirt I was wearing and peeking out from my white coat.  And it’s soft and warm and cozy.

6. I also wore this necklace to remind myself to cowgirl up.

7. Not staying outside for very long.  That’s an important one.

Truth be told, I made it through the day with very little discomfort.  It was kind of exciting.  But I’m glad the temperature is back up to normal cold today.


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