By which I’m referring primarily to the CVS close to my apartment. When I was looking for places to live up here, I noticed that several listings included a nearby CVS as an amenity. It seemed silly to me. I didn’t understand. But now I know.

It’s not about the pharmacy–although I do have to say that it’s a good pharmacy and it’s nice to have one close. It’s about all the stuff they carry. Probably about half of my grocery shopping happens there. They carry milk, orange juice, eggs, some cheese, soups, pasta, some seasonings, chips, frozen meals, Old El Paso taco dinners (and you know how important that is), bread, sandwich meat, cereal, and a lot of other stuff that I use regularly. The real grocery store is about half a mile down the road. That is not, of course, inconvenient. But it is less convenient since my car has been out of commission (read: encased in snow and/or ice), and I’ve been increasingly aware of how glad I am to be able to run around the corner to pick up food or toiletries. And Dr. Pepper. Let’s not pretend like that isn’t important. The only thing it doesn’t have that would make it perfect is fresh produce. But, of course, it’s not a grocery store and one couldn’t expect such things.

This is how close CVS is to me: I took this photo from my patio.


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