Okay. This may seem like cheating, or like a repetition of things I’ve already said on this blog. But I’m so thankful for my special little dog. I’ve been thankful for her from the moment I brought her home and she went to sleep with her tiny chin resting against my shoulder on the drive. I’ve been ever more thankful for her since we’ve been up here for lots of reasons, many of which I’ve written about previously.

When I count my blessings, she’s always very near the top.

And today, since it’s Friday, I’ve been home most of the day. We’ve played, we’ve walked outside, and Spur even got a bath. I’m thankful for that; she is less so. One of the things that I love about her is that she’s always so excited and eager to explore the world around her when we go out. Even when it’s cold out, she is utterly delighted to smell EVERYTHING, look at everything, meet new people. No matter how many times we make the loop around our block, she sees it with fresh eyes. Wouldn’t that be a fun way to go through life?


One thought on “Spur

  1. It’s especially nice having a companion like that when you’re so far from home and trying to keep melancholy at bay. There’s just no substitute for doggy love.

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