My Whole House

When I first got up here, I posted something very forgettable about my excitement for my cute little apartment and posted this video:

Which, I guess, is kind of a concentrated version of what I’ve been trying to do here on my blog lately. Only I’m not standing in front of a mirror. Or emphatically moving my arms about. Maybe I should be.

Anyhow, today I cleaned my floors for the first time in a while, and so I have a totally clean house for the first time in, well, a while. And as I was cleaning, I was thinking about what an amazing blessing it is for me to have my cozy little apartment here with hardwood floors and beautiful old moldings and lots of windows. And in a location that’s convenient for almost every aspect of my life here. And for kind neighbors. I’m thankful for all the stuff I brought with me to make this space feel like my own, and for my dad helping me to drive it up and then carry it up (and mom to, on the carrying). This place is obviously a blessing because I have somewhere safe, warm, and dry to live, but also because it feels like home.


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