I want to share an analogy with you: Tuesday is to Wednesday as night is to day. So if you read my post yesterday, you can probably use your excellent deductive reasoning skills to understand that Wednesdays are long and kind of hectic, rather exhausting, and involve leaving my sweet Spur alone pretty much all day. Don’t get me wrong–I like my classes and the evening reading group I attend, and I’m even happy to have the little income that my one little hour of work on this day affords. But, still. A long day. And one was extra long for a couple of reasons, but I’m not going to get into that because this blog project is about dwelling on the things that make me glad and not the things that drag me down.

Anyhow, as I thought about what I might post tonight, I was kind of drawing a blank. It’s a bit of a challenge to come up with something on days like this. But that’s exactly what I like about doing these daily posts; it forces me to process my day in a different way than I normally would. And I usually find that my day was a lot brighter than it seems when I’m tired and a little humorless. So I was drawing a blank and kept thinking and realized that while it had been a long day, I had actually spent a lot of time laughing with friends. And I had spend a while talking to one friend about horses (she was asking questions), and talking horses is always a delight and a rare one these days.

It may have been a long day, but it was punctuated by laughter. What a blessing that is!


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