The T

The subway system here in Boston is known as the T. “Subway” is a slightly deceptive term; it’s really only underground in central Boston. Out here where I live, the lines are all above ground. The reason I’m listing the T as something I’m grateful for is because it is a super easy, convenient, and pretty cheap way to get around this city. And because I’m easy walking distance from three lines. I take the T most weeks for coffee night with my Abilene ladies, and recently (while my car was stuck in ice) I’ve been taking the T to get to church on Sundays. Today I took it in to central Boston for a quick trip to the Eddie Bauer outlet (they were having a store), and I was thinking about how grateful I am to have a simple, convenient way to get around.


One thought on “The T

  1. Pittsburgh has “the T” also, I guess for trolley? It’s great, so I’m not surprised that Boston’s is even better! So glad you’re getting out and enjoying the mini-spring.

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