Voiced poetry

The great thing about grad school is that whatever kind of nerd you are, you find yourself surrounded by people who are just the same sort of nerd. I’m a literature nerd, and my friends at school are also lit nerds. And you know what we’ve done? We’ve taken to getting together to read and talk about literary stuff. We’re pretty eclectic in our texts. Last week we sat around and read a play called Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, and then we sat and talked about it for a long time. Tonight we got together and shared some of our favorite poems. No agenda, no need to say something smart, no trying to impress anybody, just reading the poems and talking about them as we felt moved to.

And it was so lovely! When was the last time you just sat and listened to a poem read aloud? I daresay you haven’t done it recently enough. It’s such a treat to hear the beautiful language, to listen to the sounds, and to feel the impact of the words voiced rather than simply flat on the page. And it’s about community too–we were all excited to share poems that we liked, and we got to know each other a little better though our selections. The thing that’s fantastic about it is that reading and discussing texts is what we all want to do–it’s why were here–but we don’t often get to do that just for the pleasure of it rather than with goal-oriented performance in mind. It’s truly wonderful, and I’m very grateful for my friends and the experience of sharing literature with each other.

Also on today’s list: Emerald Nuts cinnamon roasted almonds. Oh my. I have plans to mix these with some cocoa roasted almonds and craisins for a fantastic afternoon snack tomorrow.

And can I just say that I love, love my snow boots? I wrote about them once already, but snow is so much less daunting when I can just plow through the drifts without worrying about my feet or legs getting wet or cold. (We got about 4 inches today, by the way.)

And just now, I have sweet puppy dog sitting on my lap, impatient for me to play with her. Her tail wags any time I talk to her, and I can feel it wag.


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