Small Victories

Today I had to go have blood work done in advance of my appointment with my endocrinologist on Friday, and I was so deeply delighted to be able to jump in my and go. I’m still feeling the relief of finally getting it out of the snow and ice prison it was in. My doctor’s office isn’t far from here, but it would be a long walk and it wouldn’t be particularly easy to get there by public transportation (I don’t think) so it’s really nice to have my car for that. Also, there’s valet parking at the hospital where my doctor’s office is, and I just laugh every time because of Brian Regan’s ER bit.

But what made today’s journey especially triumphant was that I drove there and back without the assistance of my GPS. I did it all on my own. I don’t drive a lot up here, which means it takes longer to learn my way around in the car. So being able to make this little journey by memory was nice. It felt like a signal that I really am, albeit slowly still, getting settled in to this place. I’m thankful for that small victory today.


One thought on “Small Victories

  1. Did you read Katie Gibson’s post today about “where she’s from”? It’s interesting to read her beautiful nostalgia in juxtaposition to your own delight at making a new home for yourself in Boston. (And of course many of her posts often express that same delight, but still. Reading your post in the context of her post is still a lovely, holistic experience.) Here’s a link to her post, though I’m sure you have it as you actually know her and I do not. 🙂

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