Swedish Meatballs and Home Goods

Mom and I had a grand adventure today. We went to Ikea. It was the first time either of us had been there, and we walked around in awe. And after we had traveled all around the showroom, where you see all of their products in context, we went to the store’s restaurant and I had some pretty tasty Swedish meatballs. And then we bought stuff. I came home with a couple of paper lamps for my living room, shelves for my kitchen, a few other little things, and a huge, wonderful palm plant. I love big house plants, and I’ve been wanting one since before I moved up here. I’ve recently heard that palms are particularly good for cleaning allergens out of the air, so I had decided to get one at some point. So when I saw that Ikea had some huge ones for a shockingly low price, I decided to get one. And all that green is already making my heart happy!

Also, for supper I had some amazing panang curry at the Thai food place around the corner from my house. I ate too much, and I’ve been forced as a result to spend the rest of the evening resting.


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