What I did:

(bought some running shoes–on purpose–for the first time ever)

Why I did it:

When we moved up here, Spur’s world constricted from a twenty-acre spread to an 828 sq ft apartment. She’s handled the change like a champ, for the most part. But her dog aggression issues are worse now than they were before. That means that we don’t really have the option of going to dog parks, and there are so many dogs around here that there’s really not anywhere that I can take the risk of letting her off-leash. And that means that she doesn’t get to run more than a few yards across my apartment. Ever.

She’s such a trooper about it, but I want her to be able to run because she loves to run. And so I decided to do something I thought I would never, ever do–start running. I never really liked running, even when I was a kid. But I’ve found myself more amenable to the idea since I’ve moved up here because of the approximately 12 billion people who run in this city. When I’m out an see all kinds of people running, they seem to be . . . I don’t know. Balanced? Content? Free? I’m not sure what it is really, but it looks appealing. Which in and of itself is not enough to get me started. But . . .

she’s worth it.


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