Things I have survived in the last week

1. A hurricane. Okay, okay–a tropical storm. Still . . .

2. Finding a plumber at the last minute to take care of the plumbing end of a new countertop/sink/faucet installation.

3. Comp Camp, a long, pre-semester, new-graduate-students-teaching at BC meeting.

4. Removal of The Ugliest Countertop Ever and installation of a beautiful granite countertop, right on the heels of Comp Camp.

5. Not having running water in my kitchen from Tuesday night through Thursday afternoon

6. A wild, adrenaline-saturated, panicked flurry of activity brought on by anticipatory stress of numbers 2-5 coupled with the awfully long list of Things that Must Be Done. The good part about it was a) I was able to get some stuff done! and b) I was able to laugh at myself. It’s how I was able to find my way back to sanity.

7. Lots of work on my syllabus. Lots. But good work.

8. Buying and using a new patio furniture set.

9. Sweatfest, the unofficial name of the annual party hosted by 2nd-year MAs to welcome 1st-year MAs to the program at BC. There’s a lot of sweating that goes on when you squeeze a lot of bodies into a house with no a/c when it’s pretty warm and high humidity outside. Hence, Sweatfest.

10. The dawning realization that I’m leaving for Dublin in a few days. Dublin. Dublin! During the first week of classes. Wait, what?


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