The best things about today. So far.

Getting up early and leaving early to get to the testing center on time only to be faced with B-line shenanigans was not the best part of today (luckily I left really early, so I wasn’t late). Taking the GRE this morning with remnants of a cold was not the best thing about today. Not understanding anything about the unofficial score ranges displayed at the end of my test was not the best part of today. More B-line shenanigans on my way home was not the best part of today. Going to class tonight unprepared/not being able to finish the fantastic reading for this week is not the best part of today.

The best things about today, in no particular order:

Eating a delicious cowboy burger (bacon, barbecue sauce, cheddar, grilled onions) from Eagle’s Deli (one of the restaurants behind my house). I think they made that burger just for me. I think they heard I was coming to town and knew that I would be subject to temptation at least twice a week. Not that I eat there that often. But sometimes I want to.

In the immediate aftermath of a brain-melting, four-hour test, reading this question on my Facebook feed from Marvel: Do you think Hawkeye can control the Hulk? After four hours of equations and sentence completions and more equations and reading comprehension and whatever else is on that test, it was nice to leave behind the absurd world of academic skills for the more enjoyable Marvel universe. In a way, it was an amusing collision of the two things I had studied the most this summer—GRE and comic books. And anyway, we all know the answer to that question. Right? No? Just me, then? Okay, moving on.

Did I mention the cowboy burger?

Getting to go to a class I love (even if I’m not fully prepared). Postcolonial theory class is fantastic. I love my professor, I really dig (yeah, I said it) the material, and if that’s not enough, tonight we’re talking about probably my favorite Irish play, Tranlsations by Brian Friel. And I get to see my friends in class.

Doing class prep (for teaching) with my partner in first-year-writing-seminar shenanigans (I like that word today. Can you tell?). Let me tell you something. Teaching and being a grad student at the same time is way easier when someone else is helping you do the heavy mental lifting. I’m less worried about forgetting or neglecting important stuff because Kate’s thinking about it too, and surely between the two of us, we’ll get all the important stuff taken care of.

But the very very very best thing today? Crossing “Take the GRE” off of my to-do list. DONE.


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