Time for Change

People, it’s been a doosy of a semester so far. There’s just a lot on my plate between a couple of demanding classes, teaching in a very demanding program (we do individual conferences with our students most weeks of the semester), working on and worrying about PhD applications, and taking care of myself and my dog. I’m busy all the time, and there’s a lot of pressure. And, true to form, this means that I’ve become:

  1. A self-pitier
  2. A complainer
  3. All-around spreader of negativity.

My very least favorite version of myself has emerged, yet again. And I’m done with it. So I am hereby officially instituting two previous personal policies: an injunction on complaining, and a discipline of daily gratitude. My friend Kate has hit a similar wall this semester, and we’ve decided to count our blessings and play the Glad Game (from Polyanna) on a new shared blog. We’ve had enough negativity, and so we’re going to generate some positive energy to get us through this tough semester and PhD applications.


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