Boy, Do I Feel GREAT!

At the end of everyday my fifth grade year, we would all gather up our things, strap on our backpacks, line up at the classroom door, and wait for the bell to ring. And as soon as it rang, we would all shout “BOY, DO I FEEL GREAT!” at the top of our lungs. And on that note, we would disperse to our after-school lives. Mrs. Crowe, my teacher, believed in positivity energy and positive attitudes. I can’t remember what I thought about this raucous practice at the time, although I probably enjoyed it because, after all, yelling is fun. But in the [now many] years since fifth grade, I’ve found myself periodically thinking and speaking and–on some appropriately secluded occasions–even shouting that simple exclamation. Today is just one of those days. And let me tell you why. It’s because of all the positive thinking that’s been going on around here lately. In my last post, I told you about my resolution against complaining and toward gratitude, and I’ve kept to that. Playing the glad game on the new blog that Kate and I set up has been fun, and I noticed a change in my attitude and energy level almost immediately. That’s what has surprised me–I knew my attitude would be better, but I didn’t realize how much energy I was wasting on negativity. I feel bright and almost bouncy these days! I want to break out in song almost. I feel like I CAN get everything done. I’m not overwhelmed and overwrought and pathetic. I’m in charge and on top of things. And you know what? Nothing has changed in my schedule. I’m getting the same amount of sleep, I’m pushing myself just as hard. I’m reading just as much. And I’ve still got application deadlines looming in the very near future [the first two are due on Dec. 1]. But I’ve changed, and for the better. And I really do feel great.


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