Fact: Tomorrow I am going to Georgia to visit one of the schools I applied to. I will apparently be meeting with their admissions committee, professors, current students, and of course a bunch of other applicants who, like me, have been invited for this visit. [In case you are wondering, this doesn’t mean I’ve been accepted to their program. Yet.]

Fact: I’m kind of nervous. I feel pretty confident, generally. But still, a little nervous.

Fact: That tinge of anxiety is expressing itself pretty much entirely in relation to what clothes and shoes I should take with me. As if fashion is going to be my ultimate downfall. As if the admissions committee is going to say, “Well, her personal statement is awesome, her writing sample rocks, and her letters of recommendation sparkle. But good grief, did you notice those pants? We can’t possible let someone into our PhD program who wears cardigans with tall boots!”

Fact: They will probably not even notice what I’m wearing. They will be too distracted by the fear that my hair, courtesy of Georgia humidity, has developed the ability to act of its own accord and might at any moment attack them.

Fact: This does not lessen my obsessive need to bring The Perfect Outfits for two days of hitherto undefined activities. All I really know is that there will be walking and meeting with people.

Fact: It’s relatively warmish in GA right now, so I could choose to wear a skirt.

Fact: This does not make my decision process easier.

Fact: There’s a pretty good chance that I will try on half the things in my closet tonight as I attempt to make a decision.

Fact: Spur will be no help at all. Unless you count shedding on my clothes helpful. Which I do not.

Fact: I will probably stop caring about my clothes the moment I get on the plane. Because then I’ll just be nervous about flying.

Fact: I’m also kind of excited about this trip because Emory would be a great school for me, and would appreciate it if you would say a prayer on my behalf.


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