Well folks, here’s an update. I figured out what to wear. My hair behaved, mostly. As well as it ever does, anyway. I did alright on the flight. I didn’t act shy or awkward. I met a lot of really fantastic people–professors, current students, and the other prospective students were all pretty wonderful. I felt like my interviews went pretty well, and I felt really encouraged after them. I was really impressed with the department and the way it really felt like a community and the way they have organized their program. I got some great ideas for theory that would be beneficial to my research. At a colloquium featuring three current students, I heard three of the best, smartest papers I’ve heard anywhere. I learned that there’s a relatively new field of criticism that focuses on disability, and it’s really fascinating. I held and glanced through the manuscript set of Seamus Heaney’s poem “Strange Fruit” and only cried on the inside. Also, I saw papers that had Ted Hughes’s work on one side and Sylvia Plath’s work on the other. I wondered at the 10 story library (10!). And I liked hearing people say y’all and other little things about southern culture that I hadn’t realized I missed.

Mostly, I found out that Emory would be a really great fit for me, and while I’m definitely hoping that I’ll get to choose between a few schools, I really hope that Emory is one of those options. The good news is that I should know in the next week or so

My thanks to everyone who said prayers and thought happy thoughts and sent words of encouragement this weekend. I appreciate you more than you know.


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