Adventures in living at warp speed

I had a busy June. A heck of a busy June. It sped by so fast that it’s hard for me to believe that it’s July already. Here are some of the things I’ve been up to.

I packed up a ton of stuff that I don’t need on a daily basis (mostly books) as I prepped and staged my condo to sell.

I got new brakes, new tires, new spark plugs, a cleaned-out fuel injector, and an oil change in my car.

I drove to Nashville, edited and presented a paper at a conference, and then drove to Abilene.

My condo went on the market on Friday the 8th. My realtor hosted an open house on Sunday. Sunday evening we had two offers. Monday we signed a contract, so my house sold in three days.

I road horses, visited friends, ate Mexican food and barbecue and steak and other delicious things, stuffed myself to the gills with my brother’s amazing food, visited family in Midland, succumbed to and recovered from a cold, and made plans to look for a house in Atlanta.

I drove to Atlanta, got to know the area a little, realized I was going to have to spend more than I wanted to, looked at a bunch of houses, found one I loved and put an offer on it, and [eventually] signed the contract for it.

I drove from Atlanta to Maryland, where I got to visit my dear friends Stacie and Nat. Then I drove to New Jersey where I got to visit with my dear friend Susan. Then I spend 4 hours in bumper-to-bumper, stop-and-go traffic through New York City and southern Connecticut.

So, to recap, that’s 350 books packed, one conference paper presented, one house sold and one bought, 17 states traveled through (some of them twice), and about 4,000 miles traversed.

I wish that being back in Boston meant that I was going to have a more relaxed July, but we close on my condo on the 25th. So I’m spending the next three weeks packing and trying to savor every minute I have left in this city that has been my home for the past two years. So here goes another month at warp speed.


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