Pulling a Shanna

At some point, when the dust settles a little and I have time to be quiet and still and honest, I’ll write about leaving Boston. Because there are things I want to say, but I don’t know yet how to say them, so I’ll just wait for the words to come.

So instead of writing about things that are serious and real and heavy, I’m going to tell you about tonight’s shenanigans. In the continuing slapstick sitcom that is my life, I took a little tumble this evening. After eating dinner with my parents here in Atlanta, we decided to drive by my new house, which we close on tomorrow afternoon. My dad hadn’t seen the house yet, and so we all walked around the outside, going into the backyard. The gate closed behind us, and when we decided to go back out, we couldn’t figure out how to open it from the inside. Imagine three Early’s (and a Spur) taking turns trying to figure out a pretty simple gate latch unsuccessfully. This is the situation that leads to the comedy.

Finally we decided that one of us would have to go around and figure it out from the outside. Well, there was a little niche that I could climb through right there, so I did, which left me standing on top of a little shelf in the carport. I took a moment (not long enough) deciding how I was going to get down (also wondering if the shelf would hold my weight) and decide to just jump down. So I jumped down. Like a gymnast. Like a timid, clumsy gymnast. And I did not stick the landing.

First, during my inelegant decent, I thought, Wow, this is further down than I thought. Then, my feet collided with the concrete and found themselves unequal to the task of dealing with my toppling body. As they often though. This is when I thought, I’m going down! That’s when I hit and skinned my knees and then hit the heel of my palms. This was not unexpected, really. But I didn’t stop there. The floor of the car port slopes away, a factor that I had failed to consider. (Other factors I had failed to consider: my age, lack of superpowers, and general clumsiness). So my body was not content to stay on hands and knees but just continued over. This is when I thought, Alright. I guess I’m going over. And I then my shoulder hit. And then I rolled over onto my side, practically in slow motion. My life needs a laugh track.



One thought on “Pulling a Shanna

  1. Haha! I can so see you doing that! Don’t worry, it’s not the landing, or the fall…it’s the finish…just jump up with your hands above your head like you MEANT to do that…though you may not have wanted to move that much at the moment. 🙂 Love you.

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