What’s saving my life these days.

A while ago, my friend Katie blogged about asking the question “What is saving your life right now?”, and it stuck with me. I like that question. It comes back to me in moments when I realize that my appreciation for or enjoyment of something goes beyond the normal and becomes in some way life sustaining. And these days it seems like everything in my life falls into a binary between what’s saving my life and what my life needs saving from. So I thought I’d share some of the things that are saving my life right now.

1. These flowers, which greeted me at the end of a grocery store aisle and promised to introduce some much needed autumn joy into my life. And they have kept their promise.

2. Candles. A cider and cinnamon scented candle that is just lovely and a few candles in lanterns that help take the edge off of my stressful lifestyle, especially when I find myself studying until 11 pm, even on weekends, just to keep up with the workload. Somehow, a little candle light helps it to feel a little more like leisure reading. It makes me feel more relaxed and helps me to remember that I do this because I love it. And it makes my house feel more cozy. The effect is strong enough that I may have to find it in my budget to get my chimney cleaned so that I can use my fireplace when it gets cold.  3. My new couch. I ordered it when I first got here. Initially, I had planned on getting a cheap, Ikea or similar quality couch. But my parents helped me decide that I might be better off spending a little more and getting something that would last longer. So I ended up picking this one at a La-Z-Boy store. It wasn’t stocked in the upholstery I wanted, so it was special ordered and I waited about six weeks for it to be delivered. And when it finally arrived, I liked it better than I remembered, and I’ve pretty much parked on it ever since. Things I like about it: it’s cute, it’s super comfortable, and — this is a big one — it doesn’t show dog hair unless you look really close. 4. Pumpkin spice coffee. It makes my mornings taste and smell a little more like fall, and I love it. Delicious! Also, plenty of hot tea, and thanks to the expert advice from Katy and Abigail, I’ve got a couple of new, autumnal flavors on the way.

5. A pumpkin nutmeg-scented reed diffuser that also makes my house smell like autumn.

6. Calls, texts, Skype, mail, and Facebook messages from friends and family. This is a big one. A huge one. A real one. I can’t tell you how many times a call or a message has saved me from a bad or sad day. Thank you.

7. My vacuum cleaner, which, I have just discovered, has an attachment I can use to vacuum my couch. Bliss.

8. Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. If you’ve talked to me lately, you’ve probably heard me gush about Mrs Meyers dish washing detergent which is so good, or the lavender-scented countertop spray that makes my house smell amazing.

9. Movie nights with new friends.

10. Having both my desk and my table cleaned off (as of yesterday) and ready for use.

11. And, as always, this dog:


3 thoughts on “What’s saving my life these days.

  1. I love this post. And yes, sometimes it feels like life splits into those two lists – what is saving me and what I need to be saved from. I’m glad you have these lifesavers on your side.

  2. Thanks for the post – love it. Wonderful perspective. I am now craving all the fall ingredients you referenced! Can’t wait to see you soon-love you so much, treasured friend!

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