So, apparently I took the weekend off. I thought about what I was grateful for, but I just forgot to post. So, on Saturday I was grateful that Herman Melville is not my usual scholarly fare (I was stuck reading a couple of his novellas all weekend. It wasn’t that it was so bad, but I like Melville a lot less than, well, pretty much everything else I read). On Sunday I was grateful that I’ve found a wonderful, welcoming church that’s only 7 minutes from my house. Not that that means I get there on time. So there; I’m all caught up.

Today I’m feeling grateful for last week’s plumbing disaster. Crazy, much? Well, maybe. But before that event, I had been feeling pretty blue and having a hard time generally. That came to a sharp point on Tuesday, which was the worst day I’ve had in quite some time. But then, everything was set right again. I made it through that little ordeal, and you know what? All of my normal, everyday stresses seemed a little easier to manage. I’ve felt more like my usual self for the past few days. It’s like that little disaster allowed me to recalibrate. And I’m very grateful for that.


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