Movie premiere

Looks like I’ve missed a few days! Sorry—it’s been a busy week. On Sunday I was grateful for time spent with friends. On Monday I was grateful for . . .  I forget. Yesterday I was grateful that I got my assignment done on time, albeit just barely.

Okay, and tonight I’m feeling grateful for two things. First, I got to attend a premiere event for the film Midnight’s Children, which is based on a novel by Salman Rushdie. I haven’t read the novel yet, but I really enjoyed the movie. I thought the story was beautiful and the film was well-made. In all honesty, I didn’t have the time to go to this movie (in theory, I’m supposed to read about 400 pages of Kant by tomorrow, and I also have a conference paper to revise for a presentation this weekend), and driving to Midtown (central Atlanta) around 6 pm meant that I spent about 40 minutes in the car. But I’m glad I saw the movie. It was followed by a Q&A session with Rushdie, the director, and the producer, and what was especially interesting about that was listening to Rushdie talk a little about the process of adapting his novel to film. He wrote the screenplay himself and was highly involved, so I assumed that he was pleased with the outcome. But I always wonder how authors feel about how their stories get translated to the screen. Rushdie said that at some point he stopped thinking of it as an adaptation and started thinking of it as a close relative to the book instead, and that seems like a great way of thinking about it. I think I’ll adopt that attitude when watching book adaptations in the future.

The second thing I’m grateful for today is fun on facebook. When I left the movie, I found that I had been tagged in a comment thread by some friends from BC. This rapid-fire exchange of hilarity ended up at 121 comments, and it was reminiscent of our tendency during finals to get a little wacky on facebook while we worked on papers. It was enormously fun to read the comments and join in. It made me miss my BC cohort, and Boston, but I sure am glad for the time I spent there and the friends I made.


One thought on “Movie premiere

  1. I am glad that you took some time for yourself. It may not have been the best timing, but you will find (or may already have) that timing of relatively important events, occurrences, or situations rarely fit well with your preordained schedule.

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