On Friday night I went to a totally new place in a totally new part of the city for a friend’s birthday. I had a good time and enjoyed being with friends, but the neighborhood we were in seemed a little sketchy. I was half expecting to find my car broken into (it wasn’t), and I was glad that I didn’t have to walk out to the car on my own. I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as it seemed, but unfamiliar places often seem more frightening than they are. On the drive home, as I reached familiar streets and was able to turn off the GPS, I began to feel more and more comfortable. By the time I was making the familiar turns into my own neighborhood, I realized that above my relief at the comfortable safety of the familiar, I felt for the fist time here that I was coming home. So I’m grateful for a sketchy part of town that helped me to finally feel at home. Blessings sometimes show up in the most unexpected ways, don’t they?


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