Boy Meets World

For the last few weeks I’ve been watching episodes of Boy Meets World on YouTube, starting from the beginning and working my way through all seven seasons. Remember that show? It was part of the outstanding TGIF lineup. Remember TGIF? And talking about your favorite Friday night shows in the cafeteria at school on Monday? I still love those shows. I would still watch them. I’m telling you that if ABC decided to just rerun TGIF programs on Friday nights, I would be tuning in. Boy Meets World was probably my favorite (although I was a pretty big Full House fan as well). I used to watch reruns all the time on the Disney Channel in high school and college, but it’s been a few years since I watched it. And then all this talk about the pilot for a new show, a spin off called Girl Meets World, started up, and I was excited about that and talking about the old show, and it made me so nostalgic. And then Kristi tipped me off about YouTube, and it was all over after that.

And you know what? That show holds up. I still laughed at all the jokes. I still liked the characters. I was still sad when Shawn’s dad died and happy when Cory and Topanga got married. Maybe I liked it even better this time around. I know it’s partially nostalgia, but man. Why aren’t there shows like that anymore? I sure wish there were. Maybe that’s why I’m excited about the spin-off. I know it won’t really be the same. But I’m begging the Disney Channel not to disappoint. The 90s kids will show up; the TGIF generation will watch. If nothing else, we all want to find out what happened to the Matthews clan, to see those familiar characters again. But I think we also want to savor the memory a simpler time in our lives. On a related note, I think it’s time to bring back the reunion show. Remember those? When they would bring back the cast some years later for a special show? Who cares it’s cheesy? I would totally watch reunions for all of my favorite childhood shows.

Anyway, that’s the long way around to tell you that I’m grateful for the laughs and comfort of an old favorite show.


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