Catching Up

Alright, I know I haven’t posted in a week. It’s because I’ve been on Spring Break and my parents came for a visit. Everyday I thought about what I was going to post throughout the day, but forgot to post in the evening. So today, instead of trying to go back and pick something day by day, I’m going to post a list of the things I’ve been grateful for in the past week.

  • That my parents aren’t the kind of folks who expect my house to be spotless.
  • That I finally, finally got all the dog hair vacuumed up off my floor.
  • That I finally got rid of a bunch of cardboard boxes in my study/office/third room.
  • That my parents arrived safely.
  • That they got to meet the fantastic folks who have taken me in at my church here, and to see how blessed I am by that community.
  • That we got a little yard work done. It was Mom’s idea, and we raked up all the leaves and junk from my back patio and from around my other back door (there’s one off the kitchen). And you know what? It was amazing how much better I felt about my life just from cleaning up that stuff. It’s funny how the little things can make a huge difference. Later in the week, Dad worked on some of the leaves in the front yard, too.
  • That we went to the aquarium, which was awesome. They have whale sharks! And otters! And Beluga whales! And dolphins! And an octopus! We spent a whole afternoon there and really enjoyed it. Mom thought it was way better than the aquarium in Boston, but Dad disagreed. I really just like them both. I like watching the fish and other sea creatures swim around. It’s so peaceful. If I ever become extravagantly rich, I think I’m going to have a giant fish tank in my
  • That we went to the Botanical Gardens. There’s just something so vitalizing about being surrounded by green and brightly-colored blooms. I took my real camera because I knew my iPhone wasn’t going to cut it, and I was right. I came away with over 300 photos. We all enjoyed the gardens and mused about how much prettier it will be in about a month when all the trees and outdoor plants have bloomed, and so when we left, my dad got me a membership so that I can come go back as often as I like. Which is great, because it’s my new favorite place in Atlanta.IMG_4234
  • That Dad and I took Spur for walks in the mornings.
  • That we ate at some of my favorite places and found a few new ones.
  • That Mom made chicken and dumplings and that there are still some leftovers. Yum!
  • That Dad replaced the bulbs in my carport light so I don’t have to come home in the dark anymore, and that he fixed my sagging gate so that I can open it with one hand again.
  • That Mom helped me plan and hang wall decor in my bedroom, so no I no longer have frames and stuff on the floor lining the wall. Again with the small details making a big difference. My room feels cleaner and I feel more settled in.
  • That I got to see my friend Grace, who was passing through and stayed with me for a night.

And mostly, I’m grateful that I actually took a break. Even though I had intended to, I didn’t do any school work from last Friday until yesterday. If my parents hadn’t come, I would have worked the week away, and that would have been fine too. But I’m so very glad that I took a break instead. I feel more relaxed and ready to finish the semester with a flourish.


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