Plants and sunshine

Today I visited a local nursery (the kind where you buy plants) and loved it. I wandered around the displays of plants imagining where I might put this one at my house, dreaming of some future point when I will look out my big windows and see bright, colorful flowers smiling back. I got a small palm for the house and some lemongrass to keep on the patio because I’ve heard it helps repel mosquitoes. And then I came home and potted the palm in an empty pot and trimmed the hedges in front of my house and played ball with Spur and sat out in the sunshine and read for the whole afternoon. Spur wandered around the backyard and buried a rawhide chew (three times before she left it, and I don’t think she remembers where it is). I guess she wanted to get in on the gardening action. I’m grateful for plants and sunshine today.


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